Strong demand in capacitor Market

It is expected that the price of many ceramic capacitors will be firm and the delivery time will be extended. ...

2021-03-12 487
The effective way of saving electricity is the compensation of reactive power in place

Motor is a large range of power equipment in factory enterprises, and also the main inductive electrical equip...

2021-03-12 565
How to see the size of film capacitor? How to see the capacity of film capacitor

1. Capacitance in the circuit is generally represented by "C" plus a number (for example, C13 repres...

2021-03-12 524
The difference between film capacitor and ceramic capacitor

1. Difference of dielectric materialsThe dielectric material of ceramic capacitor is ceramic, and the film cap...

2021-03-12 459
Technical measures to reduce line loss of rural power grid

Line loss is the general term of the active energy, reactive power and voltage loss generated by the power tra...

2021-03-12 542
What is a capacitor? Analysis and introduction of basic characteristics of common capacitors

Capacitor is composed of two conductors which are insulated from each other, and the dielectric is inserted be...

2021-03-12 444